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If you take a look at the right hand menu, you'll see a bunch of links. Anyone with a account can post to that list, just tag the bookmarks you think should go there as "threadwatch".

There's a fair potential for abuse of course, so we'll just call it "an experiment" for now :) but if it goes according to plan, it could be used as a nice way to notify me, and other TW members of something you think is worthy of a write up here, or just to post fun stuff not quite worthy of a full post.

If you use Firefox, i highly recommend the delicios plugin.

Thanks Feed2JS for an SE safe way to do this, and Brian Del Vecchio on the delicious mailing-list for pointing it out!

If anyone can work out why i can add padding, and other stuff to those list items, but can't change the list-style-type to "square", i'd be most greatful. I've tried .rss_box ul {list-style-type: square; and .rss_box li but no worky..

you can see the source here


This JavaScript is not

This JavaScript is not hosted locally?

Do you think it is fast enough?

Been looking for a solution like this and if it works up to standards, I will be most thankfull... links at DesignStamp

Hi Nick:

you may want to poke around at the home page of We are importing links from, but unlike your implementation, we are using a safer choice of only including links that we post that are tagged 'site'. Also you may find a possible solution for your list bullet problem?

No, it's not. But you can

No, it's not. But you can download the source and set it up. And that's exactly what im going to do, i was just a bit keen to try it out is all heh..

I'll configure it locally a little later, or maybe tomorrow, for now though, it's good enough i think. They have mirror sites, and the one we're using seems ok...

Web developer toolbar says

Web developer toolbar says that there are more classes than rss_box. Specifically:

.rss_box .rss_items .rss_item {something:square;}

Code tree looks something like this:
.. div class="block block-block" id="block-block-2"
.... div class="content"
...... div class="rss_box"
........ ul class="rss_items"
.......... li class="rss_item"
............ a class="rss_item"

Just found that bit about

Just found that bit about hosting it locally myself and I will sure give it a go! :-)

Btw, the links that the JaveScript generate is just fine for the spiders to read?

try this

list-style-type: square;

yep, and that would trump

yep, and that would trump anything other than an inline style as far as i can see - but does it work? does it fuck..

first thing i tried Matty, but no worky :(

>>Btw, the links that the

>>Btw, the links that the JaveScript generate is just fine for the spiders to read?

NO, that's what i mean by safe. Giving public access to place links on TW via delicious could be used maliciously, so those links are purely for users (well actually, on this site, they ALL are..) - spiders can't see 'em use for me use for me then :(

It will be the same for all RSS to JAvaScript setups?


The TW css makes the webdev toolbar's "edit css" command go bonkers. The whole right menu disappears when you invoke it (at least it does for me).

Okay, this is the value set for the li's presently:


li.rss_item (line 511)
list-style-type: none;

And here's the full address if you really want to get low down and dirty

html > body#ad > div#container > div#nav > div#navpad > div.block block-block#block-block2 > div.content > div.rss_box > ul.rss_items > li.rss_item {something:square;}

If the above snippet don't work I don't know what will.

You're right.

A bit of a put-off when you try to look into things.

I'm sure it's not deliberate ;-)

Blame Claire (SuzyUK), she's

Blame Claire (SuzyUK), she's the bleeding edge css tech behind this :)

Unfortunately, she's away for a couple of days...

I thik i might have broken

I thik i might have broken delicious hehe..

getting 500 error

Have you tried

Instead of using Feed2js, have you tried It's much easier to style with it. And their Ajax interface rocks.

Being the one who broke

...may get you on /. again

With that in mind: nice work.

Seems you have broken it! It

Seems you have broken it! It is down for me too :P

back up for me now. Tim,

back up for me now.

Tim, i'll check it out, thanks - but it's not a "produced code" issue. There's nothing remotely wrong with their markup that i can see, it's something else..


Did you try changing line #511 in claire.css?

That line is li.rss_item

That line is

li.rss_item {

which does seem to be the most specific way of selecting it...

I Get Black Squares..


#block-block-2 ul.rss_items li.rss_item {
list-style: none;

#block-block-2 ul.rss_items li.rss_item {
list-style: square;

For some reason, I had to reset the styling before adding the square.

Not for me sadly, i even

Not for me sadly, i even just tried this:

div#block-block-2 div.content div.delicious ul.rss_items li.rss_item {

i mean, really. How much more bloody specific can you be?

Mystery Solved!

Sheesh, what a pulaver..

Turned out that the dot we were all seeing is an image! and unless you set list-style-image to none, that rule was overriding any list-style-type declarations.

I only remembered/noticed because on the admin panel, for some weird reason, digitalghost generates a lot of 404's on images (we've talked about this and cannot figure it out) and subsequently the menu's break a little as those entries/events are looooong

So i noticed the bullets had a light grey background (when they were shifted out of their light grey sidebar)

How bloody daft is THAT?

Anyway, li.rss_item is fine now, thanks everyone :)



It seems to work fine

It seems to work nicely with the extra column of stuff to click :-)

yeah, im quite enjoying it

yeah, im quite enjoying it too claus. I skim a LOT of stuff, and most of it never makes it to a proper post here, but it's still *of interest* so that's a nice way to inlclude more links...

If it picks up a bit with others also tagging stuff they find, it'll be a winner..

Flicker when rolling over links?

Not sure if anyone else is getting this, but when I rollover the links, the ad space on the left of the page flickers? (this is on FireFox/PC). Also Nick, you want to make sure if you haven't done so alredy if to have a backup scenario for when is down--some links etc that show up in that case?

I'll take a look at the

I'll take a look at the flicker, thanks.

It shouldn't matter if delicious is down, as the links are cached. All i have to do now is get around to hosting the script locally, hopefully this week...

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