Mobile Bloggers Force O2 to Change Messaging

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Messaging win for mobile bloggers
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O2 has backtracked from a change in the way multimedia messages are delivered via e-mail after complaints from mobile bloggers.

"We have listened to the feedback customers have given us and have involved the blogging community in the testing of the new solution,"

The O2 spokesperson said the moblogging community had told the company they preferred media messages to be sent as attachments. The company had altered the way the email was sent, as a result the message appeared as a link to the full message instead of a picture and text.

The turnaround shows how powerful web communities have become.

"You only have to look at the amount of posts on blogs following the recent events in London to see how much people are using mobile data in that way,"


so ace

it was a very interesting process, and it is to 02's GREAT credit that they've reverted after listening to their subscribers. The thread where this all started is on the moblogUk forum, and one of the engineers responsible actually came in and explained things a bit:

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