Friday Fun? eBayer Sells Ad Space on Corpse

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Ad space on my corpse, when I am a corpse, of course...
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The Reg are first with this friday gem. Andrew Beutin is selling the advertising rights for his corpse and funeral. The price? A cool $10,000...

He's 24 but likes to participate in many high risk sports. This means the lucky winning bidder may not have to wait too long to get their grubby mitts on a deceased Andrew.

As the winning bidder you will have the right to advertise on my corpse, definitely during the funeral. You are welcome to photograph the ad after it is finished as well as attend the funeral.

Im 24, in good health and have no plans of expiring any time soon but when I do..... well trust me, it will benefit you, if no one else. Be sure to have an alibi when you see my notice in the paper.

Hot on the heels of their recent purchases, are being touted as likley winning bidders.