The Phantom Strikes Again?


Although Google hasn't confirmed it, some Webmasters believe that a third Phantom Update occurred on November 19, 2015.

SEL covers it in a little update with some history about the three Phantoms. According to Barry Schwartz, "My view, as a close watcher of these things, is that it probably isn't a Google Panda or Google Penguin update. Mueller probably would have said if it was either of those, as Google has typically confirmed them."

These updates are referred to as Phantoms because they are often discovered some time after they've taken effect, and what impact they have is not always understood at first. Phantom 2 was later renamed "The Quality Update." Some webmasters believe that Phantom 3 is like The Quality Update: Part 2.

Glenn Gabe also connects the November 19th update with The Quality Update.

Gabe writes, "the 11/19 update seemed to be connected to the appearance or removal of rich snippets int eh SERPs..." and that it also included some pure spam manual actions and "tremors," which are short periods of extreme fluctuation.

Did you notice anything fishy back in November? What do you think?