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I have noticed on my travels today that Google appear to be banning any searches with the inurl operator in the query. This query for example will not allow you to browse beyond the first page of results. You just get the "you must have spyware or virus" text, without the ability to enter a code :o.

Does this mean that Google are overwhelmed or fedup with automated searches?


I knew they'd been doing

I knew they'd been doing this for a while with .php .html etc but not generally limiting the inurl query..

thanks dan

I'm curious as to how to

I'm curious as to how you managed to "accidentally" stumble upon that specific example ... ;)

possibly a little irresponsible

to tell people they're infected with a virus when it's obviously not likely?

I know in theory the only people who use inurl are likely to be techie-ish but a more honest message wouldn't hurt surely?

Actually ILJD, i changed

Actually ILJD, i changed dan's original query :) when i edited for the homepage..


Agreed Gurtie - that's a throwback to the phpbb hacking problem. There should be a more honest message.

Seems Google forget about

Seems Google forget about all their search features, simple way round it is to use - wonder how long until that stops working :)

Another way

you can also use the filetype operator with a search phrase to get the same results for pretty much the same outcomes.


Yea, I've had the file type issue come up quite frequently and it's rather annoying. If you set your results to 100 it gives you more data than the standard 10.

Maybe they should come up with the I'm not an SEO secret handshake as a flag to stop throwing up the misleading error page.

They seem to now have also

They seem to now have also limited the results on Maybe they should use the virus warning for the backlink searches, since they have been giving incomplete backlink info for a while.

the future is here

Another "SEO tool" comes online using proxies and Google can only block it by blocking all of its users. Check yer backlinks? Look for anchor text? Check position? Eventually, how about "search the web?"

Ah, so it's not just me

... I also got that automatic requests/spyware notice earlier today on an inurl query. I performed the query using the search field in firefox. When I went to and performed the same search from there I had no problems.

What about this query :

What about this query : threadwatch mail. set to 100 results

works for me, up to result 875

Not here

>What about this query : threadwatch mail.
No results, goes directly to the virus warning page.

Glad to hear it wasn't just me...

...I kept scratching my head on this. I got this a few months ago for a couple days too (from a home connection...not doing anything "en masse" either).

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