It's Ba-aaack! Google Toolbar Autoupdate Pushes Autolink

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Google Toolbar AutoUpdate Pushes AutoLink onto Users
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Great news! The Google Toolbar has autoupdated and AutoLink is enabled! Thank God our favorite company hasn't acted with a ridiculous amount of hubris lately. Oh, in case you want to kill it, here's a tutorial.


Now, you're journey towards

Now, you're journey towards spyware, is complete.

Never ... NEVER!!!

I will never go to the Dark Side...

Quick Disable Instructions

Uninstall the toolbar. No one made you install it, if you dont like it, don't use it.

great advice for all the people

Hey, don't knock it "Colin" just signed up here to give us the benefit of this advice.

I wonder if there is still

I wonder if there is still enough anti-autolink energy left out there to try and kill this thing.

perhaps if

anyone who's in contact with people at SES could mention it they could all get together and have a lynchmob at the GoogleDance tomorrow?

I'll gladly donate for a pitchfork or two.....

w0w I LOVE that idea :-)

w0w I LOVE that idea :-)

I wonder

how much google had to pay to get the anti-spyware vendors to not define their toolbar as spyware...

Firefox Version is Different

The Google Autolink for Firefox is working much differently than the IE version. The firefox version will overwrite links that are already on the page, Firefox screen shot and Original Page.

This is clearly going against what Google's own Marissa Mayer advised in Washington Post Interview a few months back.

Hyperlinking their own content is the best way publishers can prevent Google from adding links to their pages, Mayer said, because Google's technology will not override existing links.

Google's motto should be, "Do MORE evil..."

You'd think they would have learned the first time around. I hope the old fix is still working. I really don't want to have to keep updating my Google spam filters every time they decide they should control the Web.


is that one you've actually seen GrayWolf? I guess I should check it before I start ranting everywhere....

We also noticed the other day they're pushing the toolbar on searches. On link:xxx it was appearing at the top right of the screen as a text link (detecting your browser and sending you to the right page) and on normal searches there was a pretty consumer friendly graphic at the bottom of the SERPs, so it looks like they want it out there as widely as they can...

the old fix....

I think the fix needs an update because on the FF version when it first came out it was only blocking some links - I'm not sure if Chris has updated that yet but we'll test it again if they've made more changes.

>>>>The firefox version will

>>>>The firefox version will overwrite links that are already on the page...

(I just removed a lot of swearing that I did - kind of lost my cool for a minute)

by doing this google is stealing every website owners property.

Maybe google should relocate to Nigeria.

google = thieves


does anyone have some more examples of pages with already linked addresses?

It only seems to happen on some, but I can't work out if it's address format or something else which makes the difference (it was always a bit glitchy with lots of addresses on one page anyway). PM me if you don't want to list them here :)

I just explained what auto

I just explained what auto link is to my non Internet savvy wife and she said so google is stealing money. Could not have said any better myself.

I'm curious what sort of

I'm curious what sort of context copyright concerns have regarding autolink.


version 1.0.20050803 beta does it. Maybe it is a bug?

It seems the intention was

It seems the intention was to NOT overwrite exising links (but the implementation leaves much to be desired). Maybe a revision is in the works ... too much potential for egg on Marissa's face here.

Does anyone know

how to detect browsers with the toolbar installed?

try pulling it out of there

try pulling it out of there

There are about 8 different

There are about 8 different solutions, in many languages. They're all listed on the autolink killer page

If Microsoft "accidentally"

If Microsoft "accidentally" prevents Google's ad links being displayed, then it's an anti-trust case...but if Google "accidentally" prevents webmaster links being displayed it is...?

How long?

Does anyone want to take wagers on how long it will be before UPC and hot keywords start getting hotlinked on pages? I'll say by the Spring.

I thought UPCs were hotlinked...


Thanks for the info Gurtie

Thanks for the info Gurtie and Nick, it saves me a lot of time.

Dirty low down thieves. google is stealing from site owners, pure and simple, there is no defense at all for what they are doing.

Gator looks like a bunch of silly little Sunday school kids next to what google is trying to do.

What I want to know is why law enforcement is not involved? Google is using copyrighted material for their own profit, without permission from the copyright owner... - THEFT - an act that is punishable by law in all the countries that matter.

I am seriously thinking about stopping google from indexing any of my sites. (and I have great rankings)

For all of you that think I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face, well you all think about those sales that google is stealing from you after they change YOUR content and then tell me how you feel about it.

My sites can survive and even prosper on ASK, M$N and Yahoo just fine (and so can yours).

In other words, I don't need google (neither do you), and the FACT that google steals my property, makes money on it and then treats me like I am some kind of a lowlife, really is getting on my nerves.

It's a bug; confirmed with one of the Toolbar guys at SES

> version 1.0.20050803 beta does it. Maybe it is a bug?

Yes, it's a bug. This should not a be a big shockeroo given that it's a beta.

btw, I urged the fella to check out Threadwatch. Told him he'd not find it the most welcoming and loving group, but still likely useful nonetheless :D

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