Will 2016 Be the Year of the App?


Users on WebmasterWorld are talking about predictions and emerging trends in SEO for 2016 - it's a great topic so far. There's a lot of interesting predictions, but one that stuck out to me is the discussion of apps and mobile devices. User Whitey predicts that "mobile search optimization will overtake desktop optimization as traffic continues to strengthen on mobile."

To which martinibuster counters "People are spending less time on mobile Internet and more time on their mobile apps. Desktop/laptop Internet browsing is declining and the difference is not being made up by mobile Internet traffic. It's a net decline in web browsing. What's happening on the mobile phone is that 85% of mobile use is on apps. Over two hours per day is spent on apps by the average user. Millenials spend over three hours per day on apps."

Engine adds, "A new, cheaper way of developing apps is needed for the smaller to medium-sized business. There's a multi-tier Internet that has developed, and it will only continue developing: major business with their apps will capture more traffic away from traditional search. It's why Google is doing everything it can with app indexing..."

This year Googlle spent a lot of time, money, and effort emphasizing the importance of mobile devices. Was that just the first step? Are apps the end goal? And what predictions do you have for 2016?