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Search wars - which is the best?
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"As Microsoft enters the internet search engine market, users find themselves overwhelmed with options. We compare the big players on five key areas."


Sad Excuse for Journalism

The BBC's "test" focused on a single search for a single word. It's pathetic to see this article being passed off as reporting. It would be like asking the BBC asking Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld - "How's the siege in Fallujah going" and him saying "Good" and then reporting with the headline - Fallujah Siege Going Good. Usually I love the BBC, but this is sad...

If I weren't so naive...

...I'd say it was a fine example of product placement as a reaction to the recent google and msn hype. Ask Jeeves is (was) quite popular in the UK, but today they might need the help of an authority to keep it from sliding.

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