What You Need to Know About HTTPS


Now that Google is indexing HTTPS pages by default there are sure to be plenty of converts. WebmasterWorld has a great new thread where users are providing tips for how to make the change. If you know nothing about HTTPS, it's a good place to start. A few tips:

  1. "Much like setting up redirection for non-www -> www and vice versa you need to do the same for http -> https. You only want one listed."
  2. "Go over your code and make sure any http links are changed to https if need be."
  3. "Sitemaps should be your new https version."
  4. "re=canonical should declare https version of URL to be a canonical version."
  5. "For multilingual sites, rel=alternate hreflang references should be https version of URL."
  6. "For sites that hve a separate desktop and mobil version, rel alternate media should be https version of mobile URL (providing m. site is also https)"
  7. "If you are iframing or linking to external sources, make sure they are https."

As well as tip lists, users are asking and answering all the weird questions that trickle into other discussions. This thread is nice because it's an all-in-one-stop, though.