Google Firefox Toolbar Link Hijacking is a Bug

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Yesterday i mentioned that the Google Firefox toolbar was overwriting existing links (which should never happen according to Google) - I've just had an email from Matt telling me this is a bug, and it will be fixed before it leaves Beta if not sooner.



As I said in the previous

As I said in the previous thread, "It seems the intention was to NOT overwrite existing links ". However, how did a bug this big get past the door? (Being beta is not an excuse for something this big)


they all use IE.


at lease they didn't try to blame the webmasters for 'bad coding practices' like they did with GWA

a bug?

Seems odd to me, but hey what do I know.

The fact that they are bringing back autolink, with or without this nifty new firefox feature, is very disturbing.

As far as I can tell googles autolink is designed to steal traffic from legit websites and send it to googles clients.

Now is that black hat or what?

Aaaaargh.... guys wouldn't recognise a marketing stunt if it jumped from a building and landed in your glass of Heineken without a net or anything.

Bug - grin.

Remember the MS IE7 thing just days/weeks ago????


Ohhh evil google for overwriting links in FF!

(everyone misses the sneaky IE autolink jobbie)

good point Wit

Too much for them to gain

There are literally billions of dollars to be made once Google gets the public to accept Autolink. No matter what is said publicly, they will keep pushing it. The strategy is to incrementally break down the resistance.

I wonder how many...

..webmasters installed the thing after this report.

I was happy with the screenshot - thank you very much BTW :-)

Even with my tin-foil hat on (it is a bit worn - I should fold me a new one someday), I still believe THAT screenshot is genuine.....

I'm not so sure on the marketing angle Wit

I don't think they're that clueless - even for a 'no publicity is bad publicity' PR stunt a direct contradiction of promises from Marissa and Matt Cutts (in his conversation with Jill) is pretty stupid.

So we have a choice of stupid promotion or stupid QA. Take your pick :)

Hence the... Oops!...

...sorry about the bug thing.

Did anyone figure out by now WHY the autolink only "violated" some, but not all, of the hyperlinks - in the example? There is no apparent reason. The only flaw in the scheme is that they didn't come up with an "apparent reason" for the bug to show.

{goes off to sit back and wait for an apparent reason}

bug explained

I'm sure the boys at the plex have figured it out by now, but after doing some poking around last night I figured out why it worked sometimes and not others. If the entire address (house number, street, city, state, and zip) was inside of the hyperlink it worked like it was supposed to. If any part of the address was left out, then autolink got a little confused and linked over it.

Google Lying?

No way! They are an honest company that cares about webmasters. =)

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