Is Adsense a Dead Horse?


The death of adsense is a common lamentation on many SEO and web marketing forums. This thread is interesting because it is, mostly, a rebuke of the idea that adsense is dying.

"Even affiliate links and of course CPA generates at least 5 times what adsense is capable to do. Some stupid Amazon links to products will give me 500% more than adsense," writes user SEOPTI. They conclude, "Also started to perform better than adsense. In 1-2 years madsense will be history."

But other users disagree with these claims. "Nothing has worked as well for me as adsense on a pure content site," writes graeme_p. LuckyD makes a good point that "Adsense is dying" is just a matter of perspective, not fact, for many:

"With all due respect, everyone has a different experience with AdSense. It depends on your niche, type and quality of your traffic, and how well you position your ads. I am always surprised that people write stuff like 'I'm 70% down month on month, AdSense is dead,' and then it turns out that we're talking about double digit clicks per month. With this amount of data, there's simply no way for you to have statistically significant results."

Give this thread a read - there are a lot of advertising options, and this is a great discussion about how to weigh and choose between them.