Twitter Wants to Extend Its 140 Character Limit to 10,000 by the End of Q1


The question on all of our minds is - why in blue blazes would they want to do that?! WebmasterWorld has a great thread that I think provides some interesting insight. For many people, the 140 character limit is what makes Twitter unique. Take that away, and all you have anymore is a glorified Facebook.

"Interesting. However I wonder if it will dilute the whole idea of Twitter? It seems it's getting turned into a blogging platform rather than an easy to read and comprehend social media..." writes Rumbas. EditorialGuy adds, "Facebook is trying to becmoe the new AOL. Maybe Twitter is trying to become the new CompuServe?"

Some users speculate that the reason for the shift has to do with Twitter's bottom line - as most big business shifts do. "Cheap and easy down and dirty blogging platforms seem to be the order of the day, and it seems that advertisers just can't seem to get enough of it..." writes user mcneely. The thought is that with more characters, users won't follow as many links out. And if users aren't leaving Twitter or following links...then they're spending more time on Twitter. More time on Twitter means more ad dollars, which is what the shareholders would like to see. As user ken_b wonders in the above thread - does that also mean that Twitter will soon begin restricting outbound links?