Skype, Too Rich for Yahoo!

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Maybe Skype Is Shopping ItselfMaybe Skype Is Shopping ItselfMaybe Skype Is Shopping ItselfMaybe Skype Is Shopping ItselfMaybe Sk
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While everyone is running around tattle tailing about rumoured Skype buyouts from Murdoch, Om Malik has been playing detective and uncovered that they are indeed shopping themselves and that the asking price made Yahoo! wince (when Skype approached them)

Skype has hired Morgan Stanley as an adviser who can screen the “buyers.” While that’s the case, my Yahoo sources tell me that Skype approached them, and they balked at the asking price. What was the asking price? No one will even as much as hint to confirm this, but Skype wanted a billion dollars. Beyond that, everything else, I take with a pinch of salt.

So what does that really tell me? Two things. First, Skype is open to the right offer. Secondly, the asking price of $3 billion is tad too over optimistic.


$3 billion is apparently peanuts

...accordig to the Register

Draper ( managing director of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson), apparently, thinks $3bn is peanuts, and is thinking more in terms of $100bn - hard to relate, in accounting terms, to any sort of projected revenue Skype might ever make.

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