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Google's Matt Cutts Launches Blog
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Around the time of all that hassle over Matt's involvement at Threadwatch we talked about him doing a blog, and he ummmed and ahhhed about it, but generally agreed that it was a good idea. Now, your favorite Google PR guy and mine, has launched his own blog, finally.

Some questions are just begging to be answered:

What kind of PR stuff are we going to see here?
Well, the latest entry might provide some clues. As would the category Google/SEO. Only time will tell.

Is this an Attempt to Get "with it" by Google?
Absolutely. I'm sure Matt would argue that this is a personal site, and that it has little to do with Google "the corporation" or their own promotions/pr - but I don't think much Matt does goes unnoticed, and possibly not undirected. If it is an attempt to create the equivilant of Yahoo's Jeremy Zawodny then their certainly isn't anyone better suited to the task in my opinion.

Will WebmasterWorld members be allowed to link to him?
Bearing in mind that Matt has been one of Brett Tabke's biggest selling points for some years now, it would be pretty funny if, like the official Google Blog, the official Yahoo! blog and many other solid industry news sources, wmw pretended it did not exist, and edited out links to it heh...

Phew, and there was me worrying what a hard time WmW would have justifying linking to Matt's blog. Silly me, i should have known, it's not a blog it's an FAQ site!

not a blog the way I read it - more a FAQ Site. Certainly not fake - Got it directly from Matt himself.

Im pleased Matt's blogging, he should be. Good luck with it, the 'sphere ain't quite as safe as wmw mate, but it's a hell of a lot of fun!

Grab the RSS here


Strange he uses WordPress

Strange he uses WordPress instead of the Google owned, LOL

HAHA not a blog the way I


not a blog the way I read it - more a FAQ Site. Certainly not fake - Got it directly from Matt himself.

Give me strength...


"more of a FAQ site" called '/blog' with a section about food?

//added - oops sorry Nick, posting at same time :)

lol @ "not a blog the way I

lol @ "not a blog the way I read it - more a FAQ Site."

A blog is a ___?

I was also gonna say something about the WordPress thing, but incrediblehelp beat me to it. What an indictment of Blogger that is. If Blogger would re-allow people to use domains, and then add Category support, they'd be fine.

Anyway, to Matt's credit, he appears to be leaving comments on on his (AHEM) "FAQ site". That's a pleasant surprise. Should be a nice place to catch comment spam.

Anyway, if it looks like a blog and has categories, posts, comments, archives, RSS and other feeds, a blogroll, and /blog/ in the URL, it most certainly is a ........ ?


This could quite possibly be the greatest FAQ of all time! I mean, the eleventy billion webmasters that treat GoogleGuy like the Dalai Lama are now getting a blog..err, FAQ...with a Benihana's recommendation.

I can only hope Matt mentions In-N-Out in his FAQ. I know my most frequently asked question when I get off the plane in the Bay Area is, "Where's the nearest Double Double?"

Freaking Tabke.

David Krane has one too

There's a funny comment on Krane's blog:


Thanks for the mention, Nick. It's my personal site, so it's the stuff I want to say, and it won't be all Google all the time. As a computer geek, I feel a deep and abiding need to comment on, you know, hard drives and gadgets.

incrediblehelp, I picked WordPress because that's what blackhat spammer DaveN uses, of course. Okay, not really. One of the reasons I wanted to start a real site was to get a flavor of what people experience on the other side of things as a webmaster and to learn new things. I already have an internal blog at Google, so I have experience with Blogger already. I wanted to try something different so I'd learn more.

scoreboard, animal-style burgers are the best, yah?

Sscchwisssshhh! Whooooshaaaahhhh! Waaaaatchhhhoooouuuuttt!

More rip tides in here lately than at Huntington Beach, CA, in September. Whew.

>>Thanks for the mention,

>>Thanks for the mention, Nick.

Now, how about dropping this silly charade? (msg 14)

Matt, very commendable.

>>I wanted to start a real site was to get a flavor of what people experience on the other side of things as a webmaster

Matt, very commendable. C'mon, immerse yourself, get the full experience, start a scraper. :)

As someone points out,

does not redirect to, and that is "something that sometimes Google has problems with"

The learning curve involved might help us all!

You know, i have to say,

You know, i have to say, that if this is *really* matt's first go at a public website, it's a gross oversight, of many years, on his part.

How can a Search rep in charge of webmaster relations, and doling out advice at one of the biggest webmaster forums on the net have no experience of site building?

Better late than never i guess

Congrats matt, must be happy

Congrats matt, must be happy to finally get in live after two years. I've already added you to my blacklist, feel free to add to your blogroll so i can make sure I have all your friends on my blacklist :)

Since you are now an offical blogger, do you plan to participate in the Blogger Bobbie-Thon ?



Didn't take long to go pear shaped..

dns is not resolving at the moment for his blog.

Who done it?

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