Yahoo! Partners with Kowabunga for Affiliate Program

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Yahoo Search Taps Kowabunga, Declines CJ
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According to Jeff, Yahoo! have partnered with Kowabunga and will be using MyAP to power their Search Affiliate Program. Shunning affiliate giant Commision Junction, this looks like a vindication of MyAP's contraversial, and collosal price hike last month, and may herald a significant step toward indipendence from the big 3 networks for merchants.

considering their lock on Yahoo's Small Business and Hotjobs divisions. Is this a fluke or a sign of the times? Has Kowabunga finally made the "consideration leap" (into the Major Leagues of affiliate marketing)? All signs would indicate yes as the company has successfully wooed big brands away from the "big 3" networks, recently having signed biggies like Hilton (a relatively under-publicized fact) and Fairmont Hotels.


I'm happy to be wrong

I launched into MyAP over their move, I'm still not sold but I could have been very wrong.
I can see why they needed to change their pricing model for this new advertiser.
Although I do wonder where we draw the line on "affiliate marketing"?
To me these new search partner programs are more of a 'media buy' than an affiliate program.
What makes affiliates programs different is that affiliates don't get paid for clicks, they get paid for transactions.
Now if someone had a merchant ROI based contextual search program I'd call that affiliate marketing.
Actually, (thinking out loud) that might not be a bad idea. Maybe CJ can read this and counter Punch by partnering with a mid-sized contextual network and offer this.

OK - enough rambling from me, I need to find out if Glenn McGrath is playing today ;)

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