Google testing more "Dissatisfied" display methods.

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New Google Feature at WMW (registration probably required)
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The only mention I could find on this was at Webmasterworld, so forgive me if its already been covered.

Anyhow, google now seems to be running with a new testing design for displaying other results.
After five results, I'm seeing a horizontal blue line (the same as the vertical one that separates adwords) which is then followed with "Dissatisfied? See results for: alternative" and three results for that search, before returning to the actual results for the search conducted.

The query strings have appended: &uipos=0&qpos=0&oi=revisions_inline, with the revisions_inline part being the more important part.

The WMW thread points to this search for .mov for people to test whether they're seeing it. I happenstanced upon it via this search for Django (looking for the py framework)

Its a pretty jarring new method, actually. My mind gets tricked into thinking I am the end of the page (where the dissatisfied text usually resides) and that annoys me.


Been seeing this for a few days

Seems to be user based, maybe cookie, maybe IP, as I have seen it on queries that others could not replicate. I was also only seeing it on G UK (same search on .com gave nothing)

I think that's significant, because the inserted results I was seeing were all from the .com index, despite my initial search being on G UK.

I've been seeing it mostly on shopping type terms, and have heard from others that they see it on commercial type terms too. Does that gel with everyone elses impressions?

Yes, it's been around for

Yes, it's been around for well over a week now. The only reason we didn't homepage it wibble was that i was a bit bored with G UI tests that particular day hehe..

Today I see that they have

Today I see that they have moved it up to below the 3rd listing. "See results" right above the fold on 800x600.

Sounds like it's either the

Sounds like it's either the same or very similar to the UI test Matt blogged about back in August.

It is the same jim, s'when

It is the same jim, s'when it was posted ;)

The .mov link still demonstrates it in action, although the Django one doesn't (here, at any rate)

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