UK Courts Rule With Google in Anti-Competitive Lawsuit

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Over in the EU, Google has been battling an antitrust case for a while now. This is about a different case, which Search Engine Land describes as "...essentially the civil-suit version of the European Commission's antitrust case..."

A UK based company, Streetmap, sued Google last November. Streetmap alleges that Google placing its own product, Google Maps, at the top of SERPs ruined their business by taking traffic and revenue away from it.

The courts ruled that the Google Maps Onebox "was not reasonably likely appreciably to affect competition in the market for online maps."

Streetmap has vowed to appeal the decision. The issues of local search and maps were spun off of the larger antitrust case - it's interesting to see that while the antitrust case has been hard fought, this one came down clearly in Google's favor.


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