The BitTorrent Business

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BitTorrent, seeded, now waits for VC funds
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Om details the big business side of bitTorrent, everyones favorite p2p tech. Talking of Ashwin Navin, BT's COO he says..

All he has to do is mention Bram Cohen and Bit Torrent. In the ever mutating peer-to-peer networking universe, Cohen is like New York Yankees’ short stop, Derek Jeter. In less than two years, their client software which allows users to share big files such as video clips with remarkable ease through smart technology, has been downloaded nearly 45 million times. That’s about 100 million less than claims by Skype folks, but its only getting started. In less than a year, Bit Torrent has gone from being an illegal file sharing network to being the network that is being used to distribute legal content. “We are now in a position to promote free, or paid content,” says Navin. And that explains why MPAA and RIAA are both responding nicely to Bit Torrent’s overtures.

It really is quite astonishing, the rate at which BT has evolved and been adopted by the masses in less than a year. He goes on to speculate as to who, and how much will fund BT...