Google Guy's Blog Goes Pear Shaped

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Googler Matt Cutt's, who wanted to start a blog to "get a flavor of what people experience on the other side of things as a webmaster" (link) seems to be getting his first taste. His site appears to be having DNS issues, and will not show up at all!

Crikey Matt, need a hand mate? :-)


Poor lamb, i've emailed

Poor lamb, i've emailed him...


Yah, I noticed that earlier today. I'm on a budget vhost plan (gives me something to talk about later), and the whole host is down. So could be a server upgrade, DNS issues, or maybe a DOS attack from I figure I'll give it a while to let it work itself out.

BTW, the and thing was mildly intentional (I noticed it, but didn't bother to fix it). I figure that will make for an entertaining series of posts sometime too. :)


The good news is that Yahoo is already showing 11,000 pages indexed for

Glad to see it's finally arrived

The conversations with Matt about running his own site was todo it anonymously so he could feel the pain of optimizing a site without the webmaster community giving him links. Hope this is going on as well Matt ;)

Really - glad to see even more open dialog between Google and the community. The spirit is in the right direction, now the execution...



What if a bunch of people linked to the site using 302's ?

Would that be evil? Or merely a real life demonstration/test of a theory?

I think natural linking

I think natural linking would trump any hijacking/bowling effect. He's gonna have links out the ying-yang.

Pear Shaped For Yanks.

but interesting

But it would be an interesting experiment.

I was not suggesting it in a hijacking/bowling vein. I know and accept that a lot of links happen this way because the software does it that way and the publisher just wanted to publish a link.

I don't actually care when I am the recipient because an eyeball is an eyeball.

302 Matt's blog

If I had a throw away domain laying around with a little PR I would, just to see what happened.

If anyone decides too, PLEASE PM me with the details.

>>What if a bunch of people

>>What if a bunch of people linked to the site using 302's?

There'd be some hand editing?

302.. if you look at how

302.. if you look at how google are handling the 302 at the moment it would not make a diffence :)


ok, so how?

I'll bite, so how is it being done?

Given the other thread where they are still arguing about it, then it might be a bit premature.

Just curious .... and a bit lazy right now.

Bloody thing's down

Bloody thing's down again...

sheesh, amateurs! heh..


Loos like he had an fsockopen error for a few hours last night. (pear-shaped is a bit of Brit slang I had to look up, though I knew from context that it wasn't good :))

The domain is still available


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