Why Companies Fail at Web Marketing

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How well do companies do web marketing?
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The general consensus in this cre8 thread started by bwelford seems to be that companies fail at web marketing through a lack of understanding and communication. Mainly that the marketing and sales departments of many firms just dont consider the company website as being in their territory, or being part of their responsibility. Worse, some still dont consider it a worthwhile investment of budget resources.

Often, these companies wrongly place the responsibility for web marketing and site building on the IT department. Sounds ludicrous to a web dev right? Of course it does, but many outfits just dont get it.

This from Black_knight:

It is usually the fact that too many Marketing directors, and their underlings, simply offload anything web-related as "Oh, that's something for the IT guys to do" and not as part of their responsibilities. Marketers are dismissive or fearful of technology, and want too little to do with the control and delivery of marketing messages through a technical medium.

Too often in the past I have gone in to a session with a client to be met by the web-dev team, with not a single person from the marketing or sales departments deigning to attend. As a result, there's often little input as to the deeper marketing message and positioning that is required. Sometimes those present are unable to convey the marketing objectives, never mind have the authority to make important marketing policy decisions.

and from ellecim

When trying to ensure success online there are so many elements to be taken care of that it is like lining up a hundred dominos – with each element having a knock on effect – if one element is not positioned properly the flow stops. Have great content but a lousy design – you’ll lose credibility, have a great design but terrible content you won’t convert, have great design, great content, but poor usability and customers will leave. Get everything right with the website but have poor visibility online and you have a beautiful white elephant.

Makes you just want to bash the marketing folks heads together doenst it? :-)



I've worked in a few large companies where the marketing and IT departments actually hated each other - so communication was awful - getting anything acheived online was a lot more difficult than it should have been.

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