Google Partner with Microsoft for IE7 Promo?

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Are Google to partner with IE7 to promote Goolge ON IE7? This image found on Flickr would suggest so, though i don't have IE7 to confirm its validity.

If true, it's certainly not something i would have expected. Apparently you need to be running IE7 to see it.

Thanks Michel



To me it Looks Like Goggle are only taking over the default MSN search installed on IE7.

Just a detect?

Cant see it being a joint venture.

What's the news?

Until now, Google detected users' browser to show different information. For instance, try to access with IE and see "Make Google Your Homepage!" (

Now, Google's still detecting IE7 to show a link to change the default search engine.

It's not a joint venture or something similar :)

ooooh sneaky

*cut to start of The Simpsons - Bart is writing on blackboard*

Google are not evil
Google are not evil
Google are not evil

What's the news?

agirretxu is correct -its not a story - or if it is, its just the opposite of working together. It is, as Gurtie says, sneaky, with G trying to subvert M$ users

G shovel up different pages according to your browser

Firefox gets

[img] [/img]

IE6 get

[img] [/img]

and IE7 get

[img] [/img]

Fair point everyone! I was

Fair point everyone! I was in a hurrry to get out the door this morning, not that it's a good excuse for getting a story utterly arse about face, but it's the only one i've got :)


Just simple user agent sniffing to deliver up that link (try switching your UA in Firefox). BTW it isn't the usual JS add bookmark thingy for IE5+ - it is a link to an executeable:


Wonder what that little toy really does? ;)

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