Why Page Rank isn't Dead and How You Can Still Benefit From it


How Google treated integration between a website and Google Plus differently based on where links were directed. 


"Initially, the benefits of this integration for Gamers Bay were enormous, but not so great for this site, and I will explain why. Unlike links on social networks like Google Plus, the links on this site have the advantage of passing page rank, and because these brands were integrated, Gamers Bay's rank on the network soared! Google began taking random posts, both in the community and on the brand page and started throwing tens of thousands of people at them. This happened several times a week from mid 2014 until September of 2015. At that point the parade of visibility and prominence Google gave to Gamers Bay came to a screeching halt, but not without cause.

You see, just that month we moved to consolidate those direct links from the game pages to point instead to an intermediate page here on the site that better explained what Gamers Bay was about, so people could better understand it's purpose, and how it related to this site. The thing was, the page itself had already been in place for some time, but we were slow to consolidate the links to it."