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Following news that Murdoch was looking at a Search aquisition comes word that the fat twat of big media is looking at Blinkx, the most unmemorable Search player in recent history.

The prospective acquisition of Blinkx is part of an aggressive bid by News Corp. to take on such Internet powerhouses as Yahoo Inc. News Corp. is trying to build a rival portal by acquiring fast-growing Web businesses and by leveraging the sites of its in-house brands, including those of local Fox TV stations, the Fox TV network and cable channels such as Fox Sports and Fox News.

It might not be as uninformed as you first might think though. Despite the stupid name, ridiculous brand, and 3rd world status in Search, Blinkx has good tech for video - and that could well mean good things for us all if someone with a little clout got behind it...

thanks Dan!


A little more speculation


The folks over at the SEJ were speculating....

LookSmart - In my own opinion LookSmart is the number one contender for a News Corp takeover. Its stock is way down, its performance is off, popularity weening, but LookSmart is the owner of the WingNut search technology, the LookSmart and Zuel directories,, and various LookSmart owned educational, news, NetNanny, and article search operations.

Basically, LookSmart has all of the works (the whole shabang!) for putting together a huge rebranding and relaunch. Plus, it’s based out of Australia - Murdoch’s home country. If I was a project manager for News Corp’s acquisition of a search engine, my mouth would be watering over the chance to integrate the existing offerings over,, the New York Post, News Corp’s television and cable entities, MySpace, and all of its local web properties.

Maybe Murrdock will have enough $$$ for them too.


BW thinks Yahoo/GOOG should

BW thinks Yahoo/GOOG should be worried

The Internet business, known as FIM, is big for a startup. Once the Intermix deal closes, News Corp. Web sites will have an aggregate 50 million unique visitors a month, the sixth-largest audience on the Web. And it has the resources of a massive corporation behind it. With a market cap of $51 billion, News Corp. is just slightly larger than Yahoo! or Google. But its revenues of $23 billion a year are nearly six times as large as either rival.

I don't think they should worry too much... yet

As M$ are learning, money can't buy you everything in this game. What they (and any new entrants) are missing is depth of data, years and years of records of who owns what, what content is where, how linking communities are formed, and evolve etc

Assuming that LookSmart have managed to hold on to their historic records, that may be a good enough reason for someone to buy them. I know a lot of people got into the habit of excluding them via robots.txt, especially in the latter days, but they have been around a while, and incomplete data is far more useful than no data.

Needs web search. Blinkx

Needs web search. Blinkx alone won't do it. To really be a player in the portal/search game News Corp needs Web search.

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