Length of Domain Name registration in Google Algo?

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I was reading the lastest SitePoint newsletter and they claim that Google looks at the length of domain name registration as an indicator of site quality in their algo.

I've never heard of this, but it seems plausible: if the domain name is registered for 10 years as opposed to 6 months then it seems that the entity is serious about that domain and theoritically wants to put a large site on it. However, I don't know if the content necessarily be quality or not.

And then, there is the arguement: well, if it gets the searcher to what they want to do, then that site should be seen as 'quality' even if it is only one page.

Have any of you guys heard of this?


Another hidden point in the

Another hidden point in the infamous historical analysis patent.

A better question...

Let's say you had a sample of 1,000,000 websites. Which do you think would be more relevant?

1. A 7 year old site that renews every year.
2. A 6 month old site that opted for a 10 year registration

Length of registration as a signal of "serious intent" is flat out silly. I have seen a hundred realtors who intend to be in business next year who never are. But, if you look at domain age, it's by far the better indicator of quality, all else held constant.

I think Google is smart enough to come to the same conclusion. My dog did.

Lastly, a really good indicator of quality lately has been people that pawn off the Google patent as gospel. If I see that, I don't ever visit that talking head's site again.

Domain age

Google been using domain age for a long time, havent they? How long it is registered for is just another new parameter.

Yeah, there's been

Yeah, there's been speculation about this ever since that stupid patent came out, maybe before, but that's when it really started to gain popularity.

If it is true, it is indeed silly beyond belief.

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