.XXX on Hold - Bush Pressures ICANN, Bible Belt Backlash

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The Bush administration are putting pressure on ICANN to hold off on the proposed .xxx tld untill they "can receive further scrutiny". The problem comes from religious groups in the US who ironically, feel that labeling adult content in an effort to help parents block such things will encourage "the flood of porn in our homes".

"The Department of Commerce has received nearly 6,000 letters and e-mails from individuals expressing concern about the impact of pornography on families and children," Gallagher said in a letter that was made public on Monday.

The Inquirer has a good take on that:

Odd though, 6,000 people writing letters in a country of 295,734,134 does not seem that many. Ironically the .XXX idea was meant to prevent kids accidentally stumbling across porn while researching Bible studies on the net, like teens do.

And of course the speculation, the important bit in all of this, is of the implications should ICANN bow to political pressure...


What a load of


I just don't understand the mentality of some people.
Like you say, these TLD's are designed to distinguish the content on these sites so that people know full well what they are going to be looking at before they acually commit to clicking the link.

How much power does the administration actually hold over ICANN?

Could they be left with little choice but to fold to the demands?

I think they hold a lot of power

I mean, the original hierarchy of ICANN stemmed from the US military, which is why everyone should continue to push for a more UN style approach to governing ICANN.

Whom will the uber mullah listen next?

Let's have 6,000 soldiers writing protest letters to bush, my stats say it should be pretty easy to gather that much;)

the suffix is crap, but I

the suffix is crap, but I hope fervently that ICANN do not "hold off" on them to allow further scrutiny. They've been through scrutiny and whatnot already; the government of one stubborn-minded country should not be able to put such pressure on the internet as a whole, regardless of history, location and administration.

How exactly might the US 'punish' ICANN if it went ahead as planned, ignoring their demands?

"How exactly might the US 'punish' ICANN? "

they'll 302 hijack www.icann.org with www.whitehouse.gov

I like the xxx suffix. Porn

I like the xxx suffix. Porn sites don't want underage kids anyway..they don't have money.

....and the award for the

....and the award for the best title for this story goes to: The Register! Bush blocks bush on .xxx


.xxx won't do anything

It seems this administration has a personal vendetta against anything adult. First the ridiculous and unconstitutional 2257 regulations, and now something as silly as .xxx.

.XXX won't change anything. Those using expired domains from church sites aren't going to stop. They want the built in links it provides.

As for stopping people aiming at kids, that is just silly. Porn sites don't want your kids to see it. Kids don't carry credit cards, adults do. Kids are a waste of bandwidth. All this will do is make kids want to see it more, just as anything that is regulated does. I won't touch a .XXX domain on any of my adult sites.

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