How Important is Site Speed? When Does it Become Important?

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Debating whether or not site speed is a ranking factor is a popular pastime on SEO Chat. In this latest thread, users are sharing some studies and new thoughts in a new round of discussion.

User Doodled writes that, "There was some test done eons ago...about user behaviour on computer systems and how long loading times on terfaces can affect productivity. I can't remember exactly but it was somewhere at around 10 seconds that the user's chain of thought was definitely broken..."

To which Chedders adds, "Back in the 80's when I used to work on IBM mini's we were always told that 7 seconds was an acceptable time frame...but even then that was the maximum...reducing your page load speed from 2 seconds to 1 second I doubt you would see much difference but I know I have looked at many sites submitted here where page speeds have been well over 10 seconds."

So you have to ask yourself - does an improvement of page speed have diminishing returns? And at what point do those returns diminish to the point that you should no longer seek them? What's the point where it becomes a larger impact on user experience, and does Google have a second limit that it might look for?

There are some other studies and practical observations from senior SEO Chat members in the thread. Definitely worth a read!


Site loading speed is an

Site loading speed is an imporatant part of website user experience.Website visitors tend to care more about speed and also an important factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

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