Rumour: Google to Phase Out Trademark Adwords Bids

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Will Google Ban Trade in Trademarks?
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John Battelle has a nice write up and some commentary on the rumour first aired over at wmw that Google may phase out Adword Trademarks bids. It would seem that the gravy train many affiliates have been riding for some time may come grinding to a halt. Though it is only rumour as of yet:

The implications are significant here - the affiliate industry, which makes a lot f money arbitraging trademarked keywords, would be dramatically impacted. And Google stands to lose what may well be a significant revenue stream. But I sense there may be more at work here than merely "improving users' experience."

The UK information may be unfounded rumor, but the fact is, Google (and Overture) face a very serious threat from lawsuits over trademarked terms. In short, Geico (yup, owned by Google hero Warren Buffet) and American Blinds both have very serious complaints pending against Google, and both litigants are not going to go away. The cases are winding their way toward what could be a very public and very unpleasant discovery period.


If true then i guess there wi

If true then i guess there will be a lot of pissed off marketers, but there will also be some extremely happy ones :)

Why would phasing out the bid

Why would phasing out the bidding of trademarked names affect affiliates? I would think that it would only affect those who bid on trademarks who have no legitimate reason to do so, no?

If you're an affiliate selling the actual brand, I should think that Google will still allow that.

It's when competitors are bidding on your brand who have no affiliation with you that they would stop. At least I would certainly imagine that would be the rule. That's what Geico is suing over, in my understanding.

Think it will be easier for G

Think it will be easier for Google to simply stop all AdWord trademark bids than to try and decide which are ok with the trademark owner.

I have a new client who has two unofficial merchant selling their product. These merchants are undercutting all the big high street stores by a significant amount and harming the relationship with these stores. These merchant sites also give the impression of being the official site. Trademark-shop and trademark-online. Stopping these from using the trademark without having to take legal action sure would make me and my client happy.

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