Clickjacking Draws Action From Google


Evidently clickjacking has become a big enough issue that Big G is willing to devote resources to fighting it!

Google says that "When our system detects a Clickjacking attempt, we zero-in on the traffic attributed to that placement, and remove it from upcoming payment records to ensure that advertisers are not charged for those clicks." They're also stepping up their detection and filtering power.

Users of WebmasterWorld are talking about clickjacking in this thread. If you've never heard the term before, there's also a neat little gif from Google to show you what clickjacking really is.

User IanTurner writes, "I wonder how much of this is slow loading page level ads..." and I wonder that as well. I've clicked on many an pop-up that appeared later than I expected.

User sqimul adds a dirty technique that I've never heard of - "With some CSS tricks, they put ad[s] inside Youtube embedded videos. When [you] click to play, they [get] auto click [on] ads!" Is that even possible?

Lastly, monetizemore2016 writes that they "...hope Google would be more transparent and explicit when flagging clickjacking violations or invalid traffic to help more publishers prevent these." Which sounds like them wondering aloud if Google will accidentally flag non-clickjacking videos by accident. Google has done worse "by accident" before I suppose.