Google, Others Investigated over Gambling Law

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Google, others breach e-gambling law?
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Search Engines targeting Australians could be in hot water as they're investigated over Australia's Interactive Gambling Act 2001 according to ZDNet Australia

Search engines with Australian domains, including Google, are being investigated by authorities for possible breach of interactive gambling laws.

Australia's Interactive Gambling Act 2001 prohibits advertising of gambling services on Web sites where "it is likely that the majority of that site’s users are physically present in Australia". Banned services include online casino-style gaming services such as roulette, poker, craps, online poker machines and blackjack.


Interactive Gambling Act 2001 - Example of a Dumb Law

I'm outside OZ and I target the gambling market in OZ Land - What they gonna do?

All this law is doing is stopping (some of) their own residents from making any money in their own online gambling market.

They say Aussies will bet on two cockroaches humping...

Mallesons is a pretty massive law firm here - read the article carefully if it concerns you. Mallesons doesn't comment unless they are being paid to do something serious about it.

Obviously the bigger players will get targeted but there is some important info in that article for Aussie webmasters and international sites targeting Aussies.

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