Yahoo! Gaining on Google in Customer Satisfaction

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Yahoo! Gains On Google In Customer Satisfaction
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A small thing really, but an interesting story nonetheless on how Yahoo! are catching Google up on customer satisfaction. In the battle to retain loyalty, these figures are pretty important.

According to data to be released today by the University of Michigan's American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Yahoo! has scored an 80, out of a possible 100, in the e-business ACSI, up from 78 last year, while Google ranks an 82.

The two-point gap, the closest Yahoo! has come to Google in customer satisfaction, underscores how the lines have blurred between the two Internet companies. Where once Google was dedicated to Web search and paid search results, it has branched out to e-mail, news aggregation, desktop search, mapping and shopping.

The article focuses on the fact that the two companies are coming closer and closer together. In my opinion, this isn't politics though, it's Search and Portals - The two big players coming closer is not a good thing, i'd like to see them start differentiating themselves from each other rather than playing tit for tat over Search/marketing features every week.