Yahoo! Ramps up Local, User Recommendations, More

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Next Generation of Yahoo! Local
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Yahoo! unveil a flurry of new features to thier Local Search including user recommendations and commentary on local services. For me, this is what the web should be about. I could care less which resaurant spent the most on SEO, i want to know what locals think of local restaurants when in in Tucson. One would presume the user generated content will expand given a little time.

Yahoo! are already leading in Local Search and the addition of the above, and enhanced maps and community news/events should widen that gap between them and Google.

As far as user contributed content goes, Yahoo! are streets ahead of Google, and although i've just said in another story that i'd like to see the two engines differentitate themselves from eachother better, Google would do well to follow suit and leverage the user base more effectively.