The Interactive Advertising Bureau is Planning a New Ad Scoring System to Fight Ad Blockers


They call it the L.E.A.N. system because ads clearly need to go on a diet. That stands for "Light, Encrypted, AdChoice supported, and Non-invasive advertising". A representative from IAB has said that "LEAN scoring will guide the digital media industry towards building better user experiences."

Sounds good. But, as users in this WebmasterWorld thread are saying, it might be too little, too late.

graeme_p writes that "There are still privacy issues with ads, although I suspect this will satisfy most ad blocker users...They should have done this before ad blockers took off - and it was clearly coming."

tangor adds, "Things will change when both customers and partners revolt (and they are). Users are blocking and one time partners are leaving in droves...In the mean time the web will go on and...something else will fill that vacant place. And it will work for 10, perhaps 15 years and go the same way. In all cases the get rich quick crowd recognizes that means get rich NOW and don't worry about tomorrow."

That about sums it up, I think. I feel pretty much the same way myself. Give the thread a read - you'd think that there could only be one or two opinions about this topic, but there are a thousand shades of those and many of them are being voiced there.