BBC Building Monster Tivo

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BBC builds a monster TiVo
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The BBC have been busy keeping themselves at the very forfront of broadcasting and digital content delivery with, a 3.2 terrabyte system for storing a weeks worth of BBC programing for everyone to view when they wish.

Simon Andrews at The Big Picture quotes a BBC spokesman:

d BBC content in a future world of powerful storage devices. To this end the BBC has invested in a single prototype, which is based on pre-existing technology and which includes a 3.2 terabyte memory, capable of storing a week's worth of TV programs. I have to stress that the prototype is for research purposes only, and there are no current plans to put this hardware into production."

and Om comments that

this is pretty interesting development, something US cable companies should consider. However, there might be some legal (and copyright) issues around this in the US, whereas BBC can get away with it, because it owns much of the content. Time Warner (my employers) had something like this in the works called Mystro TV but had to shelve it because of rights-related issues. If this model works, it could come in handy for folks over at PBS, who can use this technology to develop an alternative revenue stream. All PBS programs for $4.99 a month - who wouldn’t want that. And with Google hosting all the video… possibilities.

Cool stuff eh?


Copyright ownership, my arse


It's nigh on impossible to get BBC streaming media content from outside the UK even when it's just a BBC sports commentary. Any request that comes from a non-UK IP addy is blocked. As a migrant Brit that paid 20 years worth of licence fee before moving overseas I find this a tad annoying. Any foreign tourist in the UK could listen to any BBC content free of charge.

Still, having friends back home with DVD TV recorders gets around some of the problems :-)

Good move

This is why we need an organisation like the BBC, it takes money, guts and technological savvy to move a medium forward and BBC have all three (usually). I cant really understand why there isnt more tv on demand. There are isolated spots who get good stuff, like Hull (kingston communications) and I think London had a service provider at one time? Shame NTL and telewest are still financially fragile.

Tivo/Sky+ etc are great but really shouldnt require the investment to be at the consumer end. I still think the future is in thin, wireless clients with instant secure access to all your files and all storage at service providers, that goes for everything for any media.

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