Xbox 360 Pricing Revealed

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Microsoft release US, UK & Europe pricing
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Microsoft have announced at the German Games Convention in Leipzig, that the Xbox 360 will retail at £279 in the UK, €399 in Europe and $399 in the US, including the accessories pack.

It will be out "in plenty of time for the Christmas market," European home and entertainment head Chris Lewis said.


So I have to pay USD$500 for my xbox in the UK?

when will they learn - the only people that benefit are the lawyers of Sony and Microsoft

Sony Sues Lik-Sang Over PSP Sales

It gets better

They've also anounced that there will a peripheral device ID check. So peripheral manufacturers will have to get a license to create peripherals for the system. And, game developers get hit too. Some Xbox 360 systems will have a harddrive, some won't. So game developers won't know whether they should develop for the systems with harddrives, or the ones without.

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