Yahoo! Shoots Down Safa Rashtchy over VoIP Rumour

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Yahoo Says No VoIP
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Dean seems dissapointed that Yahoo! have shot down rumours of a big VoIP push in the near future. So am I. Safa, behave yerself, or i'll have to come over there...

In a research report issued this week, Safa Rashtchy, an analyst with Piper Jaffray, said the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company was likely to launch a service similar to the popular Skype application.

The analyst noted that such a service would "expand Yahoo's content footprint and further establish Yahoo's brand as a comprehensive provider of content, search and communication services," and likely run as both an advertising-based basic service and paid premium service.

That's not the case, Yahoo officials said.

"The rumor from the financial analyst is not true," Terrell Karlsten, a Yahoo spokeswoman, told

Bugger developing VoIP, just buy Skype already! They've already offered themselves on a plate to you, just have a dig down the back of the sofa and bung 'em a few billion and be done with it hehe...