SEORoadShow: Friday Night Dinner, Who's In?

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Not long to to till the Roadshow hits Edinburgh (10th Sept) so it's time we arranged Dinner! We've found a lovely place called Jacksons, just round the corner from the George Hotel, that has a wonderful looking menu, is kid friendly and will set aside a large room for us for the night. Im thinking 8:30pm would be a good time.

They also have an interesting Whisky menu for those that like spirits :)

So, who's coming? Please let us know!

There are about a dozen or so of us confirmed so far, but it's vital that we know you want to come.

Please comment here, pm me, or email me at so that we can confirm numbers and make this go smoothly.

Can't wait to be there!


Should be there Saturday

So no for dinner on Friday.




I’m in! Though that menu

I’m in!
Though that menu looks far to swanky, guess I’ll have to have my fried pizza on Saturday ;)

I'll be glad to turn up. I'm

I'll be glad to turn up.

I'm relatively close in Stirling, but still pretty new to the area and still orientating myself. I'd love to be able to offer a small pub lunch underneath the Ochil Hills, but I'm not sure if people would care for the travel out of Edinburgh. One to ask when we're in Edinburgh.

Robyn and I

- will also attend, although Her Royal Highness might fall asleep during the main course ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all.


I need to play it by ear...


Some of us have a dinner commitment on the 10th.
Ruth Ann and I will be at the George.

This is a networking get together.
A group of more than 10 makes it difficult to get to know people.
We had that experience in San Diego in April.
Large table and I never got to meet anyone at the other end.

Since there is no published list of those attending, I'll just wait to see who actually shows up before making any plans. Who knows, I may have 2 dinners a night.

6 AM here and need more coffee

Friday is the 9th so count us in...

me please

and can we let Mick order again?


In + 3

sounds great...

...and given that I've already met that Mackin fellow, I'll sit at the far end of the table from him. ;-)

Alaska sucks = te he

Alaska sucks = te he

Count us in

That's Dirk + I for fantomaster.


and maybe my wife too ;) just trying to get the wee one sorted of the weekend ...

oops wee ones ... heheh I

oops wee ones ... heheh I have 2 kids not one ... doh


I'm in.


I'm in too

Two more

Thanks. Am in Scotland just now, just over the Forth. Perfect, beautiful day. Nice to know that I'll be back here again before too long. See you there.

I should be able to go

I should be able to go

Count me in then please

Count me in then please Nick!

Well, if George is going...

I'm in!

I'm in

Looking forward to it.


Booked for Friday Night 8:30pm - suggest we meet in the hotel bar 8pm - it's a short walk round the corner...

But dammit... in hell am I supposed to choose between the smoked salmon or haggis starter?! Bastards.

Alaska sucks = te he
And now I have to plan for a food-fight on top of it all.

So who's to prevent you

from opting for both?

Yanks fighting over the food in the UK? That'll be some rumpus to watch, hehe ...

I am delighted to say ...

I will be there as well.

And please count me in

And please count me in also.

The haggis starter sounds yummy, as does the smoked salmon food fight.

I notice they have a whisky, not whiskey, menu. I suppose with a bit of palate education I'll be able to get by with a bit of the Scots stuff instead of Mr. Daniel's fine distillation.

Ahem ...

better not broach the subject of bourbon when confronting a fanatic single malt afficionado. Or a dyed-in-the-wool Scot, for that matter, hehe.

Bourbon? Nah! Just good ole'

Bourbon? Nah! Just good ole' charcoal-mellowed sour mash Tennessee whiskey, not that stuff they make over in Kentucky.

However, I am looking forward to a few sipping tips from Scots afficionados, whether single malts or blends.

Grnidone and Jim

Fantastic news!

Didn't know you were coming Jim, and had no idea heather would make it - wonderful news :)

I don't do spirits - but i'll probably have one, if i can find a nice cigar to accompany it...

RC was kind enough to tell

RC was kind enough to tell me to "push that damned button" when I was checking flight and hotel info and my schedule. I most always take RC's advice, so I pushed the damned button.

Can I take cans?

As long as its Tennents Super(aka tramp juice) :)

Table for two please.

Count me for two.

late arrival

Count me in for 2.

Not exactly 'round the corner', btw

Those of you schlepping around with kids 'n buggies might want to think of a cab - it's not a long walk, about 15 minutes - but it's quite a trek up to the Royal Mile - lots and lots of steps.

Mind you, 'twere 20 years ago that I lived in Edinburgh - there's probably a moving staircase by now.

Looking forward to a decent pint in a proper pub.

>>proper pub oh god yeah!

>>proper pub

oh god yeah! you're in spain aren't you mat?

Thanks for the heads up on the walk, we'll get some taxis organized im sure...

Always booking late...

Look forward to being there, if I can find a hotel that is.

Yes me plus one

Please count me in plus one other.

See you tonight guys!

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