Another Rough Week for Google


A class action lawsuit about AdWords can proceed, the U.S. Supreme Court says. Well, really they declined to hear the case. So it's proceeding at a lower level, though not with any explicit message from the Supreme Court. It's another in a string of legal battles that Google has become embroiled in over the past few weeks. Users on WebmasterWorld are discussing it.

Users seem to think that the case is, overall, "silly." But some also believe that it's necessary to push Google to make needed changes to their terms. User randle writes that "A lot of new people that used AdWords got smoked in the beginning because they had no idea that 'AdWords' meant you're enrolled in the world of 'AdSense' unless you turn it off...The ethical set up should have been 'it's off unless you turn it on.'"

What do you think?