Vanity TLD Domain Names Don't Impart a Ranking Boost


Last week I highlighted a story from SEL where the writer claimed that a lawyer who switched to .attorney saw a big ranking boost. Turns out that article was probably a bunch of BS! Jennifer Slegg at The SEM Post did some good investigating and has the scoop here. It smelled a little fishy to me at the time - the claims it was making sounded way too broad - like a domain change could help anyone and everyone.

Slegg asked Gary Illyes about it and he replied that "I think in many cases, those who are recommending businesses to get those .attorney and .travel and .events TLDs have their hands in the honeypot as well. So probably they are getting some commission off recommending these...truth is we can't give a flying crap about what the TLD is if it is a gTLD."

And what do you know! the article on SEL was a sponsored post from a business who sells .attorney type gTLDs! I must have missed that on my first reading. So it all makes sense now. Don't believe everything you read!