Yahoo! Creating Adwords Clone, with Knobs On

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Details On New Yahoo Paid Listings System
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Details are emerging about Yahoo's revamp of their paid listings program over at the SEW forums. Shor, who was part of a Yahoo! focus group said "Essentially it was a Google Adwords clone with added functionality. So think Adgroups, multiple creatives, quality scoring - i.e ranks based on max CPC and CTR, much less dependence on the Y!SMS editorial team - in a nutshell, Google reskinned." about the new system due to go live next year.

Some other highlights of this little sneak preview include:

  • No more viewing of competitor bids
  • Historical data - the focus group agreed that the absolute minimum should be one years worth
  • Customizable, scheduled reports

Not too much to go on, and Yahoo! have made it clear that the product the focus group was shown was not the final product, but it's interesting stuff - and moving closer to adwords, but with aditional functionality would be a good thing i think.