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AdSense Notifier
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If you've contantly got a tab open on your Adsense earnings, then you might like to check out the Adsense Notifier extension for Firefox. As Philipp point out though, you do have to give up your username/password - so make sure you trust it!

If anyone is good at FF programing, it would be great to get an all clear on the "phone home" status of this app..?


ET phone hooome :)

I checked the code and can't find any evidence of 'foul play'

The extension is pretty straightforward, and it uses only a couple of calls to There are no URLs in the code other than and I haven't seen any other communication technique in use in the extension.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing evil in the extension, but I'm not 100% sure, so neither should you.

Be Careful

Bring your laptop to a client meeting, and someone may ask you hey what is that dollar amount in the bottom of your browser for?

Thanks alixsenos, i had a

Thanks alixsenos, i had a look through the code also - nothing dodgy that i can see.

Im running it now, and it's awesome!

That's a really, really clever little widget :)

One little thing...I

One little thing...I installed the extension, put my google account id in with an incorrct password and cancelled the wrong password prompt. Yet I still have the correct Adsense stats being showed by the extension, anybody else notice this worrying thang?

you know the thing I really

you know the thing I really love about firefox? It levels the OS playing field. It doesn't matter if I use firefox for the Mac, Linux or Windows, I can always use the nifty tools.

I love my Mac, but a lot of times, cool applications are just coded for Windows. With firefox, I can get a lot of neato tools without having to wonder if it will work with my operating system.

Has this stopped working for

Has this stopped working for anyone?

Maybe GOOG have started blocking it?

Has this stopped working

I don't use it, but the different tool I use stopped working too around midnight. Looking at the help forum for it, it appears that G implimented (another) AdSense change and these tools will have to find a workaround

G appear to change AdSense logon requiements every few months, and the reporting tools need upgaded each time - timesome, but there you go!

Right. Thanks CW

Right. Thanks CW

Google deskbar

They implemented something like this in the Google Deskbar, although I'd sooner dive head first into a pool of my own vomit before I'd install something like that.

Down for me too.

And there's nothing on the developer's page indicating it's going to be updated.

Oddly the AdSense plug-in is sub-contracted

The AdSense plug in was programmed by AirBear Software.

Google seem to have avoided telling them of the log on changes at AdSense. The AirBear site says

This morning, Google updated its Adsense web interface. This is causing Adsense Status to read "Connection Error" on some computers, while the connection is fine. An update will be released later tonight to fix this problem.

And AdSense Advisor at WMW says

Thanks, everyone for documenting this bug. As many of you know, Airbear is working on correcting the problem.

We recommend checking the Airbear forums for the latest information.

G appear to be trying to distance themselves from the "bug" (humm). It is hardly a bug if G change the interface


It looks like the plug-in you're referring to is only for the GDS Sidebar. I don't think Airbear is connected to the AdSense extension for FF.

**cough** **cough** API

**cough** **cough** API **cough**

Whenever AdSense makes an

Whenever AdSense makes an interface/login change, all the various third-party stat tools stop working until the author makes the program change. Most make the change within a day of the update though.

Why do they do that? I can't

Why do they do that?

I can't believe that whenever some interface changes they need to rechange their login proceedure - smells like a spiteful, silly snipe at third party tools to me.

I mean, what did they change? the "name" on the form fields?

The same thing happened with

The same thing happened with the GMail drive. It just stopped working one day, and I don't know if they've updated it so that it will connect again.


It's been updated now :)

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