Are We Living Through Another Online Advertising Bubble?


And is it about to burst? That's what users are talking about in this WebmasterWorld thread.

Marshall writes, "I believe the general public understands that advertising is a necessity (or evil necessity), but it is like anything else: it needs to be done in moderation..."

I've heard friends and E-colleagues tell me that they make the conscious decision to allow ads for content that they appreciate. I've heard the reverse too - when people get pissed off at someone, they might begin blocking ads to "vote with their wallets." It's tricky - and the idealistic side of me wants to think that putting more power in the hands of the viewing public is a good thing. I'm not always 100% sure on that though...

lucy24 writes, "What I'm not seeing is any sense of history. If you currently make your living via internet advertising, one of two things must be true: #1 you are young enough that you can readily contemplate a career change, or #2 you are old enough to remember when internet advertising did not exist. This is not a case of some line of grandfather did it, and I expect my grandchidren will do the same thing..."

That's certainly true!

tangor thinks that it's probably a normal shake-up: "Will the automated ad market disappear? Probably not...But I have no doubt that 'business as usual' is about to change. And most likely it will be from the ADVERTISERS not the publishers. After all, it's their money involved."

This thread is a great read, I thought. What do you think?