150 UK web addresses registered every hour

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UK's internet industry 'thriving'
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Nominet said that the rapid rise in take-up of broadband net had boosted the number of registered .uk sites. Since .uk domains don't seem to suffer as much of the 'party poker' type spam rubbish it's fair to assume that this rise is genuine.

"The .uk domain name business is thriving, according to a report by Nominet, the body which manages and oversees .uk domain name registrations. More than 150 web addresses ending in .uk are created every hour, daily."

Personally most of my new domains are .uk - and usually hosted in the US - it doesn't seem to affect my US rankings yet I continue to do well in UK serps, plus .uk domains are dirt cheap at just over a fiver for two years.

"Nominet said that its research showed that people looked to buy online from sites with .uk addresses because they felt it was more likely they would be contactable via the phone or a UK mailing address. Sites ending in .uk also made people feel more trusting because they thought it was more likely such companies would be bound by British trade laws"

Nothing ground breaking in this article but it seems the UK is still on the up, maybe those single phrase generic .uks will come in handy after all ;)


Spain is different

Here 2 web addresses ending in .es are created every hour.

There are less than 100.000 domains ending in .es ¿10 million .uk domains?

Not surprised. How much does

Not surprised. How much does it cost to register an es domain?

lol, I've registered 2 in

I've registered 2 in the last day. Mainly 'cos they're so cheap, doesn't seem as much point in getting the dotcom. Every little helps, eh? :o)

cost & credentials

I was interested in this as I live in Spain half the year.

The domain registrar says it costs 36 euros a year and is open to

"Spanish individuals or foreigners residing in Spain."

I assume there are cheaper options available!

Thanks to falling prices

I've been buying them up again, alongside Yahoo's $4.89 .com domains. I'm gonna be busy!

So where are you buying the .es from

Its presumably not


Third-level spanish domains

Third-level spanish domains are open and cheap. This domains were created not long ago.
The second-level .es domains were so expensive and required a lot of requeriments ( only trademarks and commercial names ). Now they are going to open for everybody.

Now they are going to open


All the places I have looked still seem to be showing .es as having may requirements to register.

Any of the registrars open (and cheap) already?

The .es domains still have

The .es domains still have the same requeriments as before (they lowered the price a little). They are going to open them (ejemmm) in october or november.

Now they are in the second phase.

In november 8 "first come, first served" sistem will be applied.

Thanks Michel

I have set my reminder system for Nov 8, and I do something then

possible testing

the .UK registry could probably be doing a test run since they're switching over to EPP instead of the email based registration system have in place.

don't know if nominet's considered this though...

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