Seth Godin's Bootstrappers Bible - Free to Download for Two Weeks

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The Bootstrapper's Bible
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Seth Godin is offering The Bootstrappers Bible which used to come free with a copy of Purple Cow as a free pdf download for two weeks.

This is a better formatted, limited edition ebook edition of The Bootstrapper's Bible, which used to come free when you bought a copy of Purple Cow.


Thanks for the heads up

Funnily enough I bought Purple Cow but never got this so cheers.

Usability Rant

Not wanting to hi-jack the thread and turn it into a usability thread... but...

After 5 minutes, 2 browsers and numerous attempts to download the damn thing (hint - there's a red graphic in the top right corner) I really can see the value of books such as Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think"!


I saw the red button dead center of the page? - though i did have to use wget to grab it as FireFox on Linux (at least on my linux) just does not want to play nice with pdf!

Anyway, he just posted some interesting data and thoughts on this offering. Thought you'd like to see it...

I saw the red button dead center of the page?

The one that says "download PDF" that doesn't download the PDF?

I with sanity on this one, a usabillity nightmere, I'm not going to read it just to spite myself.

I didnt get that far..

I clicked the button, it didnt work so I copied the link location and wget'd it.. easy (for me..)

I'll mail you a copy NFFC you poor thing heh...

Bootstrappers Bible PDF

Does anyone have a copy (or a link to a copy that is free) they they could post or Email?

Good stuff

This is a pretty good read (I actually have the hardcopy), and definitely well worth free.

I refer to "The Big Red Fez", and "Permission Marketing" for reference quite often. I've read several of his others, but the above mentioned I think really stand out as his best and most original work. BRF is really just profound in it's simplicity, and more a short "for dummies" usability reference guide. Kinda ironic how terrible the usability on the site is, as Mr. Godin seems to have a pretty good grasp of how a website should work.

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