Friday rubbish: Spam to create lovely arse

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E-mails + water + foam = art?
Story Text: have the story of some genius who will later this year publish a couple of email addresses on the web. Hoping to get lots of spam, he's set up a large glass box complete with a block of foam and robotic water-spraying jets. Whenever the one of the addresses receives an e-mail, it either sprays or moves. The water will erode the foam and whats left is apparently art...

Set for completion early next year, the work will consist of a steel-framed glass box, about the size of two phone booths, that'll contain a block of starch-based foam. Within the box, on each side, will be a "bot" that can move up and down and back and forth and direct a stream of water at any point on the block's side. (To get your head around the bot idea, think of an ink-jet printer in which the paper doesn't move but the spraying unit can travel along the y axis as well as the x.)

...who's betting on a very wet, empty box?


Spurt like a....

Lol. So presumably it goes onto powerjet mode when it gets the S*P*U*R-M emails ;)


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