Was There a Google Algorithm Update in June or July?


The rumormill is whispering about a potential algorithm update, like a 301 update. Not everyone is seeing changes, but some are. On SEO Chat, some of the senior members who monitor ecommerce sites say that they haven't noticed anything odd.

"All currently looks stable, I always wonder when I see these blog posts and not backed up by any major research, are they just done for the sake of it," writes Chedders. User Turbosatan writes that it's a "small coincidence...that two of the sites [that claim to have seen big changes indicative of an algorithm update] recently did a http > https move using a 301 redirect rewrite."

It's touch and go on WebmasterWorld too. User Martin Ice Web writes that "This weekend [of the 4th of July] was very worse. And this morning we see a >50% drop in Google traffic. Bounce is 100%. Checking some ranking and seeing we gained a lot of new 1 to 5 positions?! What the heck?" It's hard to pick out the trends right now, but evidently there are some people seeing a lot of activity...and not all of it seems to make sense. Give the threads a scan.