Directories - Dead or Alive?


Interesting thread in WebmasterWorld today. It's all about whether directories are dead or alive after all these years. Seems like one user wants to buy a domain and build a new one, which sounds like a daunting task to me.

topr8 writes, "as a user my view is that the 'classic' directory format is almost completely useless, both within my own business niche and other areas of personal interest to me, i just don't use them." That's sort of my thought as well. But I didn't expect all the interesting replies about a kind of "new age" directory, which is interesting. "Review sites," some of the posters on WMW call them. You know how they work - just a site that collects user reviews for different businesses within a niche.

Of course those come with their own dangers. Aristotle writes, "you can't allow people to describe or review their own sites. That's a magnet for spammers. In my directory, I do the review and write the description myself. It doesn't take much time because I've already included all the best sites in the niche."

But is there any money in it? lucy 24 writes, "The bad news is that I've got a strong suspicion some of the best directories don't make any money. They're people with day jobs filling a perceived need. One person tinkers with cars; another one maintains a curated directory."

Whaddaya think?