Get OS X on Your x86 PC

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Woohoo! Instructions have been posted on how to get OS X on a standard x86. It's a little complex, but not overly so, the major requirement being that you need a whole HD to run it, a partition won't do.

Now all i need to do is work out if i can get away with uninstalling windows and re-do it so that it only uses one HD - it's not as if i use win for much anyway, not sure what i was thinking when i let it hog both drives...


For some reason

I thought you were on a L*nux machine. In either case, if you switch over to OS X, does that mean you'll have to get new software? Or is your software Linux-oriented?

no no, i have 2 machines,

no no,

i have 2 machines, one linux: my main work/play and one windoze: my "forgodsakewhydonttheymakealinuxversion" machine :)

I just want to play with it...

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