Whatever Happened to Negative SEO?

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Some users of WebmasterWorld observe that negative SEO attempts seem to be on the decline - is that true?

"In many respects Negative SEO is really hard work. Criminals aren't that industrious," writes tangor.

Nutterum dug around some black hat forums and found that "...most black-hatters recommend tackling a new competitor with...building links without spamming...with low quality and direct keywords in the anchor, like a few hundred per week. After a month, if they do not have an SEO to help out, Google Penguinizes them. So basically they do 2010 SEO techniques in 2016." Nutterum also found a second species of black-hatters who create gateway pages and link them to competitors, assuming that a "soft penalty" occurs when the gateway is shut down.

But those techniques, if they are the popular ones, probably have no effect in this day and age. Good news for the rest of us, I suppose!


Negative SEO

it exists.. in a very well thought out, very methodical fashion for at least 10 of the Fortune 50 companies and and at least 23 executives that wish for their SERPs to be clean and devoid of negative information. for at least the last decade. Performed by teams with monthly sentiment reports that reflect it's success. it's known as ORM or Online Reputation Management. 

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