UI/UX and Identifying Links


Have on-page links become impossible to find? Have designers taken over the 'Net and thus made hyperlinked text indistinguishable from plain text? That's what users on WebmasterWorld are wondering today.

Ergophobe writes "In the early days of the web, we all knew hot o find links on a page - blue text with an underline was a link...And for many years now, the vogue has been to make links practically impossible to find."

Personally, I agree - it seems like every website has their own system now and no one sticks to "the standard." It's nice to stand out and it's admirable to try new things - but is it bad UI/UX? People have been trained on the 'Net how to identify a link for years. Going with something new can be understandably confusing.

graeme_p writes that "The internet diversifying is a bad thing. Different approaches for different audiences is a bad thing. Usability depends on convention."

What do you think?