Running Ads on your Site? - Take a Look at PHPAdsNew

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has anyone worked with PhpAds?
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PHPAdsNew is put through it's paces and given a jolly good grilling by the V7N boys and girls. The software is an open source banner rotation system - though that's selling it extremely short. Take a look at the features list.

digitman kicks the thread off and there are varying opinions of the package with a reasonable consensus being reached that for small sites it's overkill but for larger ones it rocks. Here's a couple of quotes from the thread:


I use the script and have installed it for a few others. I love it. The script has so many features that you could use if you wanted to like geolocating and serving ads based upon the visitors geolocation. You can schedule when ads display as well as limit how frequently they display.

I use it because I sell sponsorship and guarintee a specific number of impressions per month. Most ad scripts just display the banner and maybe give you some stats as to # of views and clicks but phpadsnew will allow you to set how many times you want a banner to appear over a given period and then will automaticly adjust the banner display % based upon the # of impressions left and the timeframe to get those impressions in.


It's not that clear on the site, but is it possible to install and run and use phpadsnew from one site, and use it as a "homebase" to distribute ads to other sites. For example, I set up and install phpadsnew on site A, which is really just an unused domain name (that I own and have hosting for), and serve ads to site B, C & D? - the one line answer that followed was "Yes"

I must say it looks good. The thread started about a month ago and is still going and provides a fair account of the ups and downs of the system from what I can see. Well worth a peek if you're looking at ad management programs.

Having never delved deeply into these programs, perhaps someone could tell us what other scripts compare to this?